Peter, Paul, and Pecorino romano

pecorino romano, in celebration of today’s feast day in the city of Rome


Bread, cheese and a sunflower


Saturday Night on the Pincio

An overcast sky, a crowded Pincio Terrace, Piazza del Popolo and the area behind the Pincio Terrace taken over by football, only the occasional glimpse of what I had in mind to photograph… it didn’t look promising at all. 

But Antonella is a firm believer in dealing with whatever the situation offers, looking at it with different eyes, turning it into something.

My something was the Moses Fountain, depicting the moment when the mother of Moses places her baby son in a basket among the reeds in the Nile, in her desperate move to save him from the Pharaoh’s death sentence on all the first-born male children of the Israelites. 

I had never paid attention to this Fountain before, had never even noticed the baby part-hidden by the foliage, and wasn’t aware of the name of the fountain.

Now it will be difficult to come to this place again and not think of the countless, desperate journeys across river, land and sea in which so many children and adults, unlike Moses, had their lives cut short.

Fontana del Mosè (Ascanio Brazza, 1868) 



Me and my shadow


Tethered poppy

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