Atlantic waves


Atlantic waves


The crab

… and as I was strolling along the sand minding my own business, up came this huge crab out of the water that started crawling along beside me demanding my attention.




Gentle stroll along a quiet beach

How about a gentle stroll along a quiet beach, enjoying the breeze, away from the traffic, the noise, the crowds…



Getting carried away by the current

You can get carried away by the current.

This particular day it wasn’t all that strong, but just a few days later – thanks to a wee spot of rain – it was fair charging along, smashing down the waterfall, and these rock islands were nowhere to be seen.



No seaweed fairies this morning

It was pitch black on the way to Glassilaun. Running along the beach to get to the place I had in mind took longer than I thought, and the seaweed fairies hadn’t had time to sweep away the dark brown sea veg.

But the sunrise fairies were there in their fine pink and orange frocks for a short and intense burst of partying.


sunrise at Glassilaun


Not a very wild Atlantic night

But dramatic nonetheless.


Atlantic beast crawling up the beach


Birds of a feather

I wasn’t supposed to be going to Malahide, and I will probably never go there again. But the clouds were interesting.


birds of a feather

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