Carn a’ Bhealaich Mhòir, a foggy lens, and a weird beard

On a recent muddy hike from Plockton to Carn a’ Bhealaich Mhòir (343m), the weather proved very Scottish: first we were pelted with hailstones, then soaked by heavy rain for several hours, and blasted by wind and snow at the top.

At the top, thankful for Goretex and a flask of hot stuff, I took shelter at the covered entrance to the building up at the transmitter mast and plotted how to take a few shots while the wind howled and the snow spun around us.

at the top

christmas treeI’d need to have stayed a fair bit longer up there to try to do justice to the views, but the descent beckoned…

fellow walkersI find it difficult to use my camera in the wind and rain – so much faffing around to keep things dry. Since rainless moments that day were rare and brief and the track easy, this time I kept my camera tightly zipped under my waterproof jacket, ready to shoot without too much delay.

Finally a dry moment, although under my waterproof jacket, my lens had become all steamed up. Still, I quite like the enchanted forest effect of this one!

foggy lens

Plenty of old man’s beard around too, indicating an unpolluted environment. Odd. Well, have you ever seen an old man with a green beard?

old man's beard

A final drenching on the return leg, with dry weather arriving once the hike had ended. Typical!

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