Reine des Neiges – I Saw You

There are places in the Lofoten Islands that have become so popular for landscape photography that it’s easy to imagine reading “I Saw Yous” of the sort you can find in some local newspapers and magazines. Just a few examples:

I Saw You at Lillian’s as you were leaving Reine and I was arriving. You were wearing a fetching down jacket in cobalt blue, huge boots with spikes and a fair-trade blue-coloured hat. You looked like a Viking God. I was smitten. Call me.

I Saw You at the supermarket in Reine buying reading glasses and cheese. An odd combination for sure, and so were we that week. How about another week next year?

I Saw You at the pier in Reine last Saturday. You were having trouble keeping your Lee filters dry. I was having trouble with people bigger than me stepping in front of my tripod. Let’s get together and swap Lofoten stories.

I Saw You slip on the rocks near Skagsanden beach. Then you slipped through ice into freezing water. The wind howled that day and it was icy cold but omg you are so hot! Come to my house and slip into something comfortable instead.

I Saw You last year Lofoten, also the year before and again this year. For three winters I’ve gazed at you through blizzards, rain and mist. For you I have bruised my butt, suffered cracked lips and skidded on ice countless times. You have wrecked one camera and two lenses. You have blown away countless items with your sudden gusts. You have also blown me away. I will be back you stormy, unpredictable, fantastic place!

Last look at Reine

Last look at Reine

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