Early one morning at the Castle

_MG_0675 copy



Bled at dawn


Lake Bled


Aci Trezza morning


house on a hill on a windy December day

Balvaird Castle has seen better days, but it’s quite a photogenic wee spot. It’s not far from Auchtermuchty, but luckily also close to Glenfarg, which most people find a lot easier to pronounce;)

another house on a hill

good morning Abruzzo

Not my first time here, probably not my last.

Good morning Abruzzo _MG_3406

Ice along the way, but the walk up to the Castello di Rocca Calascio in the early morning twilight was warming enough.

A piece of broken wall that seemed to be waving across to the distant mountains.

Morning wave

Crepuscular photographer at work.

Good morning Abruzzo _MG_3415

The sky on the other side.

Good morning Abruzzo _MG_3407

Winter sunset

I forget where I was that evening, but that's Castle Stalker in the distance

I forget where I was that evening, but that’s Castle Stalker in the distance

Spiš Castle

A medieval walled castle set upon a limestone clifftop, Spiš Castle dates back to the early 12th century.

Spis 0

Spis 1

Spis 2

Spis 3

Spis 4

Spis 5

Spis 6