Medieval church at Lake Bohinj

The picturesque Church of Saint John the Baptist at Lake Bohinj.



21 billion midges

According to this article, 21 billion edges were predicted for Scotland’s 2017 midge season. I reckon that a fair number of them, like me, opted for a trip to Ireland that summer, boosting the already thriving local population.

Those pesky creatures turned these peaceful spots into pure torture, at dawn and dusk respectively.



On my Not To Do list: do not venture here again without a midge net and repellent.


Plitvice walkway #1

It wasn’t the first wooden path I walked across at Plitvice, but it was my favourite: both for the cool, leafy shade it provided, and the play of light, leaves and water. I could have spent the entire day here.



Skye sunrise




Clouds, rain and sunshine come and go in the ever-changing light of Skye.


The wind that blows the Sea Pink

Also known as thrift

Sea Pink

Sea Pink

Dawns like this

Then when you least expect it, there’ll be dawns like this.


Dawn over Loch Broom