Early morning blues

Up at 4.30, to wait for the early morning sun to light up the palazzata a mare in Portovenere. Far too early, considering that dawn was still an hour away, and the palazzata a couple of minutes’ walk.  But the peace and quiet that comes with those early morning blues is unmissable 😉



Evening colours

In the village, the main street


The tall coloured buildings along the seafront, the palazzata a mare:






The Bay of Poets

Looking across the Bay at St Peter’s Church from a spot not far from the Castle, I found it easy  in the summer heat to imagine Byron swimming here. It was harder to visualise the sudden storm here in which Shelley is said to have drowned.



Keeping cool in Portovenere

It’s not all that difficult – there are nooks and crannies where you can shelter from the scorching sun without having to cram into the shade of a bar along with the beer-drinking crowds.





Evening glow

The blue (and pink) hour. Thankfully cool at last.




Atlantic reach – Irish Light Collection

You can read about the Atlantic Reach project here. The proceeds are going to the Samaritans.

My contributions to the project are below.

016Noeleen Hargan - Connemara2

evening at Glassilaun beach, Connemara

059Noeleen Hargan - Connemara

the wind that shakes the reeds on a small lough in Connemara


I will be back

I hadn’t planned to shoot a series of postcards 😩, but that’s pretty much how things turned out in the first days of my first visit ever to Cinque Terre and Portovenere.

But once the tourists and the heat have subsided, I will be back, and I will enjoy the cool and peaceful dawns, the sea breeze, and have time to seek out a few less clichéd and crowded corners of this beautiful part of Italy.

A word to photographers: go on your own, or with 1 or 2 like-minded spirits. It’s so easy to get around – just be prepared for a fair bit of walking up and down stairs and hillside paths 😉



5 lands in 5 days

Another attractive seaside village, although not exactly far from the maddening crowds, given the season and the weather. Here and there, vying for tripod or selfie space at the blue hour goes with the terrain.



Oh I do like to be beside…

… the Scottish seaside 😎IMG_0264

In the best possible company 😉


surrounded by welcoming signs 😳



Guarded by sentinels


and picnicking with the seagulls 😲


Some find it hot…


Others feel the chill


And some go paddling


Homeward bound at dusk


exhausted 😴😴😴

PS Shoulder out of action for another 6-9 months, making do with my phone.


The way to Greenland


You sure this is the way to Greenland?


More diamonds on the beach



Diamonds on the beach



Atlantic waves


Atlantic waves


The crab

… and as I was strolling along the sand minding my own business, up came this huge crab out of the water that started crawling along beside me demanding my attention.




Gentle stroll along a quiet beach

How about a gentle stroll along a quiet beach, enjoying the breeze, away from the traffic, the noise, the crowds…



Not a very wild Atlantic night

But dramatic nonetheless.


Atlantic beast crawling up the beach


The Connemara wind

This sound I’m hearing, is it the wind reverberating through the twelve bens? An echo from across the ocean? Maybe a ghostly hungry moan lingering from the past?

(Or Yvonne: could it be the humming sound that comes from past-their-shelflife hearing aids when the batteries are left in overnight by mistake?)

Whatever the case, this “green swathe of soft glens, pasture and rainy hills” and the “swathes of white sand”, are places “fit for thinking”, as Tim Scott put it in The Guardian over a decade ago.

And photography is a way of thinking a place.



A classic view

Neist Point Lighthouse at the tip. Beyond, the islands of North and South Uist, and then the Atlantic Ocean. Wet, windy and wonderful._MG_8159


Talisker Beach #2



Sunset beach



At the beach, Skye



Some are still standing



Still snow



Blown away


Snowstorm coming

Lost that day: a dry bag used to protect camera & lens in between shots. Entire tripod, camera & lens almost came a cropper too.