The icing on the cake

The high spot of the trip was the frozen Pericnik Waterfall. Brrrr…


A fair bit of puffing and panting took place on the way up in the snow, but I’d do it again any day… with a lighter backpack 😜




Medieval church at Lake Bohinj

The picturesque Church of Saint John the Baptist at Lake Bohinj.



Winter sunset

Even standing more or less still for a couple of hours or more in sub-zero temperatures, somehow you just don’t feel the cold.

The touch of warm colour in the sky as sunset approached probably helped.









I went back to Bled

And once again the snow melted.

But not before I’d had the time to take this shot:


The way to Greenland


You sure this is the way to Greenland?


More diamonds on the beach



Diamonds on the beach



One night in Iceland

It was pretty astonishing to find this on my first night in Iceland.


It seemed to last for quite a while before wisping off, the buildings occasionally lit up by passing vehicles.


I was about to leave, happy to have seen the aurora. Then I turned around and saw this!


First aurora, first visit to Iceland, unlikely to be my last.




Still snow



Blown away


Snowstorm coming

Lost that day: a dry bag used to protect camera & lens in between shots. Entire tripod, camera & lens almost came a cropper too.


Cold picnic at the rorbu, anyone?



Looking for cold

I expected the Lofoten Islands to be a much colder experience than it in fact was. Now planning my next trip into the cold._MG_3808


Morning splash



Aci Trezza morning



Birch sunrise



Winter trees



Cloudy sunrise at Aci Trezza



Sunrise at the lake


Still in Å

Still in Å

Still in Å

In Å

It’s like saying in awe. Å is a village at the bottom end of the Lofoten islands, where I spent the last afternoon. Finally no rain, no blizzards, no hurricane winds toppling tripods.

In Å

white rorbu (traditional wooden home) in Å

4 portraits of winter trees

In Lofoten

4 portraits of winter trees, Lofoten

4 portraits of winter trees, Lofoten

winter tree #2

winter tree_MG_4132

Reine des Neiges

In English this would be Snow Queen, except that Reine is the name of a village in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.



And yes, it was snowing that day.

She sits, she stands, She Lies

A few hours around Oslo’s parks and waterfront and you find yourself surrounded by sculptures of women, sitting, standing, often with babies, often naked.

The yellow building in the back ground (right) is the Nobel Peace Centre.

The yellow building in the back ground (right) is the Nobel Peace Centre


Observing the Opera House

Observing the Opera House

New to me was She Lies, a glass and steel iceberg-looking sculpture afloat in the fiord on the Oslo waterfront near the Opera House. This time a sculpture created by a woman, Monica Bonvicini.

She Lies

She Lies

I wonder if there are, somewhere in this city, sculptures of women and men pushing prams.