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A change in the weather

Now that I know what winter weather can be like in Lanzarote, and know the places I’d like to spend more time in, I’m pretty sure I will go again, but not among the crowds in the baking summer sun.



Daylight in Portovenere

By now the sun had well and truly risen. After days of non-stop sunshine and intense blue skies, a different light appeared.





Birds of a feather

I wasn’t supposed to be going to Malahide, and I will probably never go there again. But the clouds were interesting.


birds of a feather



Clouds, rain and sunshine come and go in the ever-changing light of Skye.



The drama of Skye

In a matter of minutes, the clouds moved, the sky changed, the sun appeared, and the landscape changed from this:_MG_7980

to this:




Cloud and Skye


Walking in Islay

A great place for coastal walks.

Textures of sea, land and clouds

Textures of sea, land and clouds

Northern beach


Morning clouds

morning clouds

morning clouds

Big beach, big sky