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Auld Reekie / Windy City (because of the politicans?)

in yer mooth she staps a leid
naebody kens, in yer hert a stane

(Janet Paisley)

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Go forth and try

Architectural photography’s not really my thing – in more suitable hands I’m sure much could be done with the play of light and shade on the structure of the bridge itself. But Edinburgh’s Forth Rail Bridge is so eye-catching that’s it difficult to avoid trying a shot or two. Not calling it iconic – that is such an over-used word nowadays.

Forth Rail Bridge

Forth Rail Bridge

A feeling less raw

“Gradually easing winds will make it feel less raw”, said the weather forecaster.

a feeling less raw

Do not underestimate the wind chill factor: 10°C feels like -10°C, especially with cold seawater running over your wellies.