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All good hikes come to an end

There were cold, damp mornings when we could barely see for more than a couple of metres ahead, with or without head torches. The hoped-for shots of sun-dappled castles emerging from the mist after sunrise did not happen.

morning fog

But there was always fun to be had, testing the various potencies of Tatratea, indulging in self-portraits, trying out new board games, or just faffing around.


waiting for the cable car

Looking back over these sometimes shaky and unfocused images, I’m remembering that along the way, the priority was usually to have a rest and enjoy the regenerating effect of picnicking at a waterfall while taking in the view.

taking in the view

nice place for a picnic



All good hikes come to an end.

dusk falls


end of the day

[Shots handheld, using a Nex7 and Sigma 30mm 2.8, except for a couple of shots of Popradske Pleso].