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A walk in the west

I had to go and get some keys cut up at Anniesland, but the hint of rain had made the air so fresh that I took the waterproofs and set off for a four-hour walk through Glasgow’s West End.

And sure enough, by the time I’d come out of the hardware shop, the drizzle was on. I braved it for a few minutes but finally stopped to take shelter under some trees and don the waterproofs. It occurred to me that I’d passed this pond so often along Great Western Road, but had never taken a closer look._MG_9831






On my way back were the colourful scenes at the front of tenement blocks.



No walk though the West End is complete without a stopover at Hargan’s Dairy. Re-exposed to the elements for almost a decade now, the 1960s lettering is peeling fast.




Walkway #5



After the rain




Rainbow falls

It had been raining for days and the waterfalls were gushing.


Rainbow falls

Vertical rain at the Vatican

Vertical rain at the Vatican

Vertical rain at the Vatican

A feeling less raw

“Gradually easing winds will make it feel less raw”, said the weather forecaster.

a feeling less raw

Do not underestimate the wind chill factor: 10°C feels like -10°C, especially with cold seawater running over your wellies.

Silver lining

A dark dull day in Rome.

dark dull day

The way out is flooded, caretaker on holiday, wellies nowhere to be found.



On the bright side, the temperature has dropped what feels like 10 degrees C, the air is breathable again, and the roses are smelling sweet.

roses in the rain




Rain in Rome

i love the rain

A wonderful low pollen day in Rome;)

i love the rain too


To be enjoyed while it lasts.

Roses are yellow

A wet and windy day in the city.


Thankfully there are gardens.


And neighbours who look after the flowers.


Thank heaven for the flowers.


Roses are yellow.



Roman days

Roman days

amazing what you can do with a puddle

Rain in the park

While people around me complain about the sudden drop in temperature…


… I suggest a walk in the park to enjoy the rain.


But being outside in the rain is not exactly a typical Roman pastime;)


Where to go when the rain won’t stop

Under a bridge, of course.

shot from under a bridge

Shot from under a bridge in Glen Orchy

Shot from under a bridge in Glen Orchy

Shot from under a bridge in Glen Orchy