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Rainbow falls

It had been raining for days and the waterfalls were gushing.


Rainbow falls

The Rainbow Trees

We had been pelted by hailstones, drenched for hours in heavy rain, and buffeted by the howling winds. Now, on the Bealach na Bà, blocked in a snowdrift…

1 blocked in the snowdrift

… and rescued by our own hard labour, a pair of snow-shovels and Kirsty’s great driving skills just as the gritter appeared around the corner;-)

2 rescued

…. fascinated by the rock formations on the coral beach at Ard Ban.

3 rock formations at Ardban

While strolling along the Beechwood Trail towards Applecross House a couple of hours after our snowdrift adventure, we and the trees were bathed in sunshine…

4 bathed in sunshine

… and blessed with the sight of the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen…

5 brightest rainbow

… then a double rainbow.

6 double rainbow

Then it was over. But I slipped in a shadow-selfie just before the rainbow disappeared completely.

7 shadow selfie