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Golden hour at Sdrbske Pleso is sweet enough for me

Golden hour at Sdrbske Pleso is sweet enough for me

A fleeting autumnal sun casts its soft light for a moment around Sdrbske Pleso before disappearing altogether. Not quite the sweet light, but sweet enough for me.


One last look before I go

One last look before I go

One last look at Studeny potok waterfall, near Hrebienok, before returning to our base.


Biele Pleso after sunrise

Biele Pleso after sunrise

We left the Chata (pri Zelonom Plese) in the early hours, hiking in the dark to reach Biele Pleso in time for sunrise.


Man on a mountain

Man on a mountain

A few seconds beforehand, the viewing platform at Lomnický štít (Lomnický Peak) had been buzzing with people and their point-and-shoots. With the last cable car of the day on the verge of leaving, he composed the shots for the people-free panorama image he would stitch together later.


A hiker’s feeling for hoar frost

A hiker's feeling for hoar frost

Hoar-frosted leaves crunched underfoot early one morning as we left the green waters of Popradske Pleso behind us.


Looking forward to the High Tatras in autumn

Autumn in the High Tatras

Looking forward to the High Tatras in autumn.


Popradske Pleso

Popradske Pleso

Popradske Pleso

Spiš Castle

A medieval walled castle set upon a limestone clifftop, Spiš Castle dates back to the early 12th century.

Spis 0

Spis 1

Spis 2

Spis 3

Spis 4

Spis 5

Spis 6

All good hikes come to an end

There were cold, damp mornings when we could barely see for more than a couple of metres ahead, with or without head torches. The hoped-for shots of sun-dappled castles emerging from the mist after sunrise did not happen.

morning fog

But there was always fun to be had, testing the various potencies of Tatratea, indulging in self-portraits, trying out new board games, or just faffing around.


waiting for the cable car

Looking back over these sometimes shaky and unfocused images, I’m remembering that along the way, the priority was usually to have a rest and enjoy the regenerating effect of picnicking at a waterfall while taking in the view.

taking in the view

nice place for a picnic



All good hikes come to an end.

dusk falls


end of the day

[Shots handheld, using a Nex7 and Sigma 30mm 2.8, except for a couple of shots of Popradske Pleso].

Chata pri Zelonom Plese

Track to the Chata pri Zelonom Plese

Track to the Chata

Autumn colours and crisp air are energising, an unbeatable antidote to city living.

autumn colours

When we arrived, the place was enveloped in fast-moving mist.

the Chata

The lake itself was frozen over – not so good for photographing reflections.

the lake was frozen over

But there’s always something that catches the eye…

ice, stones, leaves

iced leaf

ice and leaves

The Chata residents were friendly, and the local herbal tea a soothing relief from the cold.

Chata residents

By the time we had returned from our early morning hike the next day, the ice had melted enough in one spot for this reflection.


The mountains were calling…

… and I had to go.


It’s not easy to reconcile hiking and photography. Backpacks filled with heavy dslrs, multiple lenses, filters and sturdy tripods, along with the waterproofs and other necessities, are probably not the best way to go. And going on trips with hiking – rather than photography – companions means that I’m constantly worrying about pausing too long to photograph waterfalls and mountain streams along the way.

For most of the people I know, it’s the sea that is calling, not the mountains.

So my week on the High Tatras in the Slovak Republic with a small group of photographers was definitely one of this year’s highlights.

Even the little town where we stayed was a treat, complete with a view of the mountains from my window.


Looking forward to the hike.


On the way to Popradske Pleso.


At Popradske Pleso.




Colourful crosses in memory of climbers who died on the mountains – at the Symbolic Cemetery beneath Mount Ostrva.


Autumn colours.





The clear signposting was impressive, as was the constant work being done to keep paths clear.


 Just as well my boots were comfy.