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My last morning in Ballintoy

Last for now, that is.




Day 1: Dingle sunrise

Bloomin midges up early searching for breakfast 😫


I stayed just long enough to look up the beach towards the castle, then glanced behind me to see what was going on.


And back again.


The midges had had their lot! Now it was time for my breakfast.


Early morning blues

Up at 4.30, to wait for the early morning sun to light up the palazzata a mare in Portovenere. Far too early, considering that dawn was still an hour away, and the palazzata a couple of minutes’ walk.  But the peace and quiet that comes with those early morning blues is unmissable 😉



No seaweed fairies this morning

It was pitch black on the way to Glassilaun. Running along the beach to get to the place I had in mind took longer than I thought, and the seaweed fairies hadn’t had time to sweep away the dark brown sea veg.

But the sunrise fairies were there in their fine pink and orange frocks for a short and intense burst of partying.


sunrise at Glassilaun


Skye sunrise



Skye dawn

The journey from Glasgow to Skye isn’t all that long as far as drives go, but it could take forever because of the concentration of stunning places to see along the way: a landscape photography paradise._MG_7967

The odd thing about that part of Scotland – especially on breezy mornings at sunrise – is that it can be colder at any time of year than a Siberian winter: the wind chill factor. A sturdy tripod is obligatory, along with windproof and water-resistant everything.



Cloud and Skye