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Lingering surfer

The surfers had all gone, except for the one lingering ghostlike in my long exposure.



another beach, another sunset



Later that night at Inch Strand

The surfers had long gone…



Kerry sunset



Last evening in Portovenere

As the sun was going down and warming up the rocks below St Peter’s Church, I wondered what that huge tanker had been doing there all day, and would it ever leave.


Then suddenly it slid out of view, only to return a few moments later.


My last evening at Portovenere. I will be back, once the tourist season has quietened down.



Evening glow

The blue (and pink) hour. Thankfully cool at last.




The Connemara wind

This sound I’m hearing, is it the wind reverberating through the twelve bens? An echo from across the ocean? Maybe a ghostly hungry moan lingering from the past?

(Or Yvonne: could it be the humming sound that comes from past-their-shelflife hearing aids when the batteries are left in overnight by mistake?)

Whatever the case, this “green swathe of soft glens, pasture and rainy hills” and the “swathes of white sand”, are places “fit for thinking”, as Tim Scott put it in The Guardian over a decade ago.

And photography is a way of thinking a place.



Evening falls

The peace of evening once most of the tourists had left Rastoke.



Elgol evening



Sunset beach



Winter isn’t over yet

The ice skating rink next to the Kremlin will have been dismantled by now, as the winter season officially ended on 29 February. But summer seems far away still.


winter evening



Mountain sunset



Another view of the Church


Jamnik Church


Fading light



Winter dusk

The start of a stunning winter sunset, but I left too soon, erring on the side of caution to avoid walking in the dark on patches of ice. I had forgotten my headlamp.



Autumn falls



Always sunset somewhere

And sometimes I’m there with my camera too.


always sunset somewhere

Autumn evening

Autumn evening

Autumn evening


Roman days (3)

Roman days (3)photo stop


Tulla winter fire

Tulla winter fire

Winter sunset at Loch Tulla, Glen Coe


Evening falls at Lago di Campotosto

Evening falls at Lago di Campotosto

My first time here. I hope not my last. The Corno Grande barely visible behind distant clouds.

Mars revisited (Mission Astonishment)

So I’m on Mars again (report on my 1st landing posted 9 May 2012) and it’s just incredible. Can it get any better than this?

My next astonishment is finding no martians, just a few solar-powered robots roving around, remnants of other expeditions. And, equally astonishing, a gazebo perched on the edge of a precipice.

The scale and sophistication of this project dwarfs all previous ones: I am to investigate rocks laid down billions of years ago in search of evidence that past environments have favoured life. I am to look for signs of water.

Most astonishingly of all, this operation started out with funding to last for 6 sols only, but reports are already coming in of sponsors wanting it to roll and roll for many more years.

So with countless long and windblown exposures in salt water on the horizon, this could be the time to invest in a decent pair of wellies, thermals and a sturdy new tripod .

Many thanks to Ian, Ian, John, Yvonne and Sam for making this trip such an enjoyable experience!