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A waterfall somewhere in Northern Ireland

It was a short walk from the road, and not a long drive from Dunluce Castle, but the name of the place escapes me. The rocks were slippery and I was hobbling around in pain with a recent injury so didn’t venture further downstream where the more exciting views were to be had.



The icing on the cake

The high spot of the trip was the frozen Pericnik Waterfall. Brrrr…


A fair bit of puffing and panting took place on the way up in the snow, but I’d do it again any day… with a lighter backpack 😜




Getting carried away by the current

You can get carried away by the current.

This particular day it wasn’t all that strong, but just a few days later – thanks to a wee spot of rain – it was fair charging along, smashing down the waterfall, and these rock islands were nowhere to be seen.



Plitvice Lakes National Park #2



Sun on flowing water



More falls #3

_MG_8396 copy


Water falls, roots support



More falls #2



More falls #1



Walkway #8

This part-flooded walkway required a bit of nimble footwork here and there – easy enough even in heavy, water-resistant boots. But it was difficult to pause to take in the exhilarating and almost overwhelming experience of the waterfalls gushing into the valley below, accompanied by the constant roar and wind-tossed spray. I noticed some people had taken off their shoes and socks – that for me was the scary bit: are feet on slimy wet wood slip-resistant?



Walkway #6



Walkway #5



Walkway #4



Plitvice Lakes National Park

It’s a stunning place without a doubt. After days of rain, the waterfalls were energised and energising. You might think it’s easier to photograph the lakes and falls once the constant downpour stops. Not so! The absence of rain and the appearance of the sun brought the tourists in at what seemed to be a rate of a dozen coachloads every 10 minutes. As a result, the wooden walkways shook constantly, and I couldn’t very well block the path by hanging around with my tripod and backpack. So the good news is that I’ll be going again, when the coachloads have gone, whenever that is.




After the rain




Spring at the falls



Rainbow falls

It had been raining for days and the waterfalls were gushing.


Rainbow falls


Evening falls

The peace of evening once most of the tourists had left Rastoke.



Plitvice walkway #2

A few paces around the corner and the path was under 15 cm of water on account of several days of rain. Not so good for flimsy shoes, but great for the waterfalls!


All good hikes come to an end

There were cold, damp mornings when we could barely see for more than a couple of metres ahead, with or without head torches. The hoped-for shots of sun-dappled castles emerging from the mist after sunrise did not happen.

morning fog

But there was always fun to be had, testing the various potencies of Tatratea, indulging in self-portraits, trying out new board games, or just faffing around.


waiting for the cable car

Looking back over these sometimes shaky and unfocused images, I’m remembering that along the way, the priority was usually to have a rest and enjoy the regenerating effect of picnicking at a waterfall while taking in the view.

taking in the view

nice place for a picnic



All good hikes come to an end.

dusk falls


end of the day

[Shots handheld, using a Nex7 and Sigma 30mm 2.8, except for a couple of shots of Popradske Pleso].